Darlene C. Hagood

A note from the Founder Evangelist Darlene C. Hagood

I greet you in the Mighty Name of Jesus my sister. I give all honor and glory to God for your desire to be a Stewart for Sisters Encouraging Sisters Ministries. It is truly a gift from God to have a desire to encourage and educate women, to share His love and wisdom. I trust that you have truly embraced the vision of SES Ministries, which is to being women together to encourage them with the Word of God and educated them to make a positive difference in their homes and communities.
Because of your desire and mission from God you have looked beyond yourself and have seen that there is a need for an SES Ministry in your community. SES Ministries is just that a community ministry. It does not take away from your local church ministry but really adds to it, in that when a community comes together different ideas can be shared, used and supported. There are a number of ways we can minister and educate such as prayer walks, bible studies, book clubs, power walk or run groups, celebration of sisters, breakfast, lunch or dinners or doing a community clean-up project. These are just a few examples to help you get started or added to what you may already envision for your local chapter.
I look forward to helping you get started and working with you. This is not about you or me but about Gods business and building His Kingdom. Yes, we will be blessed above measure, that is a promise from our Father, whom has given this gift (give and it shall be given unto you and 1 Corin 2: 9-10) but it is all for His Glory. I pray that you will always remember to put God first, and know that when times seem hard that He would never give you a mission that He had not already equipped you for to be a success in, if you do it His way.
I pray Gods many blessings upon you and all those that will assist you as you set out on a journey that will change your live forever.

To God Be the Glory! The best is yet to come
Evangelist Darlene C. Hagood
Founder of SES Ministries

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