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Lansing, KA

Moto: "Go Serve"

Faith without works is DEAD; James 2:14-26

Chapter Leader: Sherry Payne
Contact Number: 913-240-5291

On Going Events

  • Chapter Meeting: Monthly (1st Sundays @ 5pm) all are invited who desire to SERVE
  • Training/Replenish (Qtly, 5th Fridays)
  • Colonial Manor Nursing Home: Monthly (2nd Sat)
  • Kid Connections: Quarterly (5th Sat)
  • Children with Disabilities: Quarterly

On Going Missions

  • Encouragement Boxes for the elderly
  • Breakfast at Kid Connections (shoe boxes)
  • Blessing Women shepherding God’s people
  • Fresh Start (David Brewer Elementary School)
  • Meals on Wheels (local)
  • Juvenile Detention Centers (local)

Outreach Services

  • Colonial Manor Nursing Home, Lansing KS
  • Kid Connections, Leavenworth KS
  • Children with Disabilities
  • Project Descriptions

    Encouragement Boxes – Small boxes/bags with useful items for our elderly sisters (hand creams, nail polish,handkerchief, scarves. perfume, powder, socks, pantyhose, knee-hi, soft shoes, crossword puzzle, puzzle. Make this your gift as the Lord leads you.
    Breakfast at Kid Connections – Our aim is to encourage and empower our children with the Word of God as we serve them with a breakfast. During the year we collect items to put in shoe boxes that will help them experience the love of God in their lives (Ecclesiastes 9:10).
    Blessing Women Shepherding God’s People – As the Holy Spirit leads us we will serve our sisters who are “pasturing”, feeding, nurturing and caring for people. This is a unique opportunity for us because we completely rely on God to reveal to us who are these daughters and how we are to “serve” them for His glory.
    Fresh Start – Is a developed ministry of our local chapter sister, Doretha. God gave her this ministry to serve His children in elementary schools. Each January the Bighems buy coats, gloves, pencils/paper, scarves, shoes, and clothing items and take them to the elementary school God lay on their hearts. SES joins the Bighems in serving God’s children.


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    Our Mission

    Our mission is directly tied to our founder’s mission: To encourage women with the Divine Word of God by what we SAY and more importantly by what we DO; Go Serve! We are not a social or religiousgroup but “servants” who are called to WORK in the vineyard of our Father. We are indeed privilege and humble to be a part of what our Father is doing in our generation.

    Our Vision

    HOPE: Encouraging and empowering women with the Word of God that will move them into a relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. And that we might arm them with His truths so that they will know Him and experience His awesome love, power and might working abundantly in their lives

    Our Goals

    Partner with God in working with our local communities in meeting the needs of women and their families by encouraging and empowering them with the Word of God and by working hand-in-hand with them.



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