Sisters Encouraging Sisters (SES) Ministries History

Sisters Encouraging Sisters Ministries

was a gift from God to the Founder, Evangelist Darlene C. Hagood in 2003, to foster sisterhood. The seed was planted in a place known as the Morning Calm, Seoul Korea. Where, in the still quite early morning, four women (sometimes others would join us) would journey to Seoul Tower. Talking, praying and encouraging each other. God had us each there for a reason. He was able to tear down many walls that we had built up, as many women tend to for many different reasons. Glory be to God, by the time we departed we had become true sisters and friends for life. Although, we may be separated by many miles what God did with us, in us, and through us, will always have us connected.

On 11 May 2004 Sisters Encouraging Sisters Ministers was registered in El Paso, TX and our 1st workshop was hosted on 12 May 2004. God has continued to enlarge the territory of SES Ministries and open doors fo me to go out and preach, teach and share His word through conferences and workshops in local churches.

Our Logo is a registered trademark and is not for use unless without written permission. The logo represents sisters encouraging and lifting each other up by our words and our deeds, anyone can talk but what do our actions speak.

It is my desire and if it is Gods will for the near future is to have SES Ministries established as a Non-Profit organization and to be able to host more workshops to educate women making a positive difference in themselves, their families and communities. To make a difference one sister, one family and one community at a time.

Our Vision is to bring women together to be encouraged with the Word of God and Empowered with knowledge, through education, to make a difference in our families and communities. Our Mission, as God directs, is to minister the Good News to encourage all women; to educate women in the areas of health, fitness, debt reduction, establishing home base business and hosting small socials to make a positive difference in our homes and communities.

Our Objective: To bring women together to be encouraged and educated To encourage women with the Word of God To educate women in health, fitness, debt reduction, establishing home base businesses and host small socials To network with and support locally with women owned and operated businesses To celebrate women and sisterhood through socials

I welcome the opportunity to come to your conferences or workshops to share the word of God. I know if He ordained it to be, He has already made a way for it to happen. God Bless you and thank you for your support of this ministry and thank you for supporting sisters.

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