Whay can GOD trust you with?

Have you ever desired something from God? Ask yourself, what kind of Stewart am I over what I already have?

Do we ask God for blessings that you may not be ready for?
FinancesDo you ask God to Bless your finances with an increase because you desire to do more or just to have more. Can He trust you with a financial increase? He has blessed you with a good job and great benefits. Do you tithe and give a good offering; do you save for a rainy day with what you already receive? He only ask for 10 cents from each dollar. He allows us to keep the other 90 percent and to be a good Stewart over it. If you are not being faithful over what you already have, how can you ask for your finance to be blessed? How can you rob God and then ask Him to give you more to steal, would you give a known robber the keys to your home?
Spiritual growthyou desire God to move you to another level and to increase your gifts? Are you using the gifts that He has already given you. There is a need in the church, is there a void that need to be filled by you? God has blessed us each with different gifts and talents and it is His desire that we use them where He has placed us. God's Word can.
God trust you to deliver His word to all people for His glory, for people to be saved and set free. Do you read and study His word only to use it as you want and for your benefit. Like in the book of Eph, when it says, wives submit to your husband, do you put your own conditions on when and if you will submit to the one God has placed over you as your head. Can God trust you to hear His good news and go out and share it or will you just keep it to yourself, even when God puts people in your path that would be encouraged by the word only if you shared it. Can God trust you to be a reader, hearer and doer of His word, to be always ready to share His word?
Children Children are a blessing from God even when they are not acting like it. You desire to have children but you don't have time for them. You see a couple or single parent could use a break but do you dare ask to help, do you dare ask to watch their children while they go to dinner or movies. You hear the Pastor announce Sunday after Sunday they need help in the Children department but your response is "I can’t work with children". Maybe God is trying to get you ready for your own with a little practice.
Material things house, car cloths - God has blessed you with and nice apartment and a reliable car, and suitable cloths, but you desire more. You desire a four bedroom, three bath, $300,000 house to replace the apartment you are renting and a $50,000 car to replace the $20,000, you want to dress in his best designer suits and shoes. There is nothing wrong with this desire, unless you are not paying the rent on time and complain about the utilities and you don't even take care of the car you own now or make the payments on time, you don't maintain the insurance or keep it clean. You spend money on cloths that you can’t afford; your charge cards are max'ed out. You want God to do what? If you are not taking care of what He has already blessed you with why should he give you more to misuse and abuse?
I could add many other things to this list as I am sure you could too. My prayer is that in your reading this it will cause you to think about what kind of Stewart you are with what you already have, cause you to think about what you are asking for. I encourage you to use what you have already been blessed with to the best of your ability and allow God to do the increase; He knows when we are ready for increase. God blessings come with no sorrow.
God Bless you