Girlfriend or Sister of the Blood?

Whay kind of Girlfrinds do you have?

  • Girlfriends that are there for you when you need them, if they have time?
  • Girlfriends that understand when you are going through, but some act like they never been through anything.
  • Girlfriends that will loan you money when yours fall short, but some will cut you off if you do not pay them back.
  • Girlfriends that will loan you their car when yours is broke down, but if you get a scratch on it, you have to pay for the repairs.
  • Girlfriends that will give you a place to live when you have nowhere to go, for a minute.
  • Girlfriends that will talk to you about anything, some to the point of making you a trashcan. I know you are saying not my girlfriends! However, look at your conversation: Is it always negative? Is it always about other people putting them down? Isit always complaints?

But Are you a Sister of the Blodd?
  • Sisters of the Blood will call you, out of the blue just to check on you, they will pray for you without you asking or telling them the need.
  • Sisters of the Blood will not only understand when you are going through but they will share, and not judge you, knowing if God brought them through He will do the same for you.
  • Sisters of the Blood will loan you money and not ask for it back, but praise God they had it to give in your time of need. They will share with you how your finances can be blessed, through tithing and seed sewing.
  • Sisters of the Blood will loan you their car and know it is safe, because it and you are covered with the blood of God.
  • Sisters of the Blood will let you move in but they will not let you have self-pity. They will help you get on your feet through encouragement, prayer, and education.
  • Sister of the Blood will never make you their trashcan or allow you to make them one.
  • The will encourage with the word of God and remind you that God do not make mess and you are His.
Sister Gloria Yelder wrote a funny but real to life play about girlfriends and Sisters of the Blood. It will bless any woman’s ministry and I know she will share it with you. You can email her at God Bless my Sisters of the Blood and my sisters striving to get there!