Where is your Shephelah?

1 Samuel 13: 5-7; 14:1-16, 22-23, 31; 17:1-9, 16,32,48-52; Judges 13:1-5,24-25; 15:3-5, 14-17

The Foothills - the Shephelah - serves as a buffer zone between the Philistine territory of the coastal plain and the mountains where the Israelites lived. Because control of the Shephelah ensured the security and power of the dominant culture, many battles between the Philistines and Israelites took place there. To establish the dominance in His values and to preserve His plan for salvation of the world, God raised up heroes to confront the Philistines in the Shephelah. (Focus on the Family, On the Promised Land, crossroads of the world, 1999).
The land in between you and God; the battle ground, where you struggle; where you fight; where the battle is going on.
We all go through Shephelahs in our lives. That time, space, place, or season when we go through Spiritual battles. Where is your Shephelah? Is it on your job, is it in your home, is it in your church, is it in some of your relationships, where is it for you? Where is the place where you battle, that place where you are struggling, the place where you are fighting for your very life?
I encourage you to remember that, when ever we are in our Shephelah, God has equipped us for the battle and we can stand and not fear the enemy when he comes in like a flood. The word of God tells us, that when the enemy comes in God will lift up a standard. That standard is His Spirit in us. The blessing is that we are still fighting, not giving up or giving in. We are continuing to press forward, to see what the end will be.
Battles are never easy. In battles there is death and victory. In Spiritual battle, the things that keep is from being more like the Father should die and the VICTORY is that we win the war, with His help.