Why wait on the Lord?

Isaiah 40:31

... but those who wait in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on the wings of Eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
Have you ever been in a state of waiting for something or someone? Have you ever been in a place that it seems like you are not moving forward or backward, just standing still? I know we have all been there. What did you do while you were waiting for God to take you to the next level, while you are waiting for your change to come? Remember we can do nothing without the Lord.
Isaiah 40:31, should encourage us all to be thankful for our periods of waiting
But those who wait on the Lord…
Will renew their strength…when we are truly about Gods business we sometimes get tired, tired in our bodies and tired in our spirits. If this were not true why would we need to be renewed? When we wait on God, He will renew us in our bodies and spirit. He will give us renewed zeal for run for Him, to share His word and love to win souls
They will mount up with wings like Eagles… after your strength has been renewed, we can mount up (to get up, go forward) with the strength of the Lord. Eagles are strong birds and their wing span and wide and strong. With renewed strength you will be able to cover greater territory, with greater holy boldness. Because, while you were waiting you stayed in your word, you fasted, you prayed, you encourage others, and you didn’t allow the enemy to know you were in waiting. You continued to be about God business in and out of the church.
They will run and not grow weary…as you go from your place of waiting to running, with your renewed strength you are ready to run like never before. Regardless if you are in the spring of your years or in the winter you wil be able to run and not be weary. To be weary means to be tired, to be exhausted, to be disgusted. When you run with the strength of God, hard seems easy, long appears to be short and complex is made simple.
They will walk and not be faint. When you can no longer run but you have to walk you are still able to walk with confidence and strength. Even in your walking you will still be able to make a difference in the lives that Godallows you to touch. There are seasons that God will have us walk that we my be able to gleam all that is before us and we may never forget the lessons.
I pray that as you WAIT on the LORD that you will not faint, that you will not grow weary and when the time is right that you will spread your wings like the Eagles and fly with the renewed strength of our Lord. So WAIT on the LORD and remember you may not be moving forward but you are not where you use to be, continue to WAIT.
Father God, I pray for all that are in a state of waiting. I pray they continue to wait on you for renewed strength, so when you lift them up to that next level they will be able to be as eagles, they will be able to run the race you have set for them to the finish line for the ultimate price, a home with you!
This I pray, in your Son Jesus name. Amen.