Who's winning your battles?

2 Ch 20:15; Psalm 24:8; 1Ch 29:11; Leviticus 26:6

The enemy is sitting back laughing at you fighting him. The enemy knows that he can beat you, when you fight with your flesh, by yourself, every time. The word of God tell us that God will fight our battles for us. But God is not going to step in and push you out of the way and say "I got this for you". He is waiting on you to invite Him in, move out of the way and then He can say "I got this for you". He wants to fight for you. He wants you to have peace, comfort, joy and love, not to be in a fight alone. You have to get to a point that you acknowledge that you can not win against your strongholds by yourself, only with God fight for you can you win.
I encourage you to surrender all to God and let Him fight your battles for you. I pray that if you are in a battle that you tap out of the fight and you tap into God and allow His spirit in you to fight for you and WIN. Let God fight your battles! Only through Him will you be able to win.
Father God, I pray that my sister will acknowledge that she can not win on her own and that she needs you. I pray that she will invite you in to take over the fight for her. I know you will WIN. Father, I thank you for blessing my sister, for winning her battles and she will give you the Glory, in your Son Jesus Name, Amen