Prayer for Increase in Finances

God wants your finances blessed, do you or do you want Him to make you a bigger thief ? If you want your finances blessed this prayer is for you.

Father God I first ask that each person that will read this prayer will be blessed and receive this prayer in their spirit as you have given it to me. Father forgive us for sinning against you, we truly repent and we forgive those who have mistreated us, we give it to you. Father I ask that you bless their finances. God I ask that you do the increase in every area in their lives. I am asking a special pray over our finances, not just so we can have more but so we can give more. Father if they are not faithful tithers, I pray that you will open our hearts to understanding. Give us the understanding of your principle of reaping and sewing. God, I ask that you place it in our hearts to the man you speak of in your word in Luke 6:38 "give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will man give unto to you". Father I ask you to bless us that we may be a greater blessing to others, that when you send the needy our way we will always be able to see we have to give already and not say "let me pray about it". Father let us see that you are giving us an opportunity to be bless and receive. Father, I ask for over flow, over flow, over flow in the mighty Name of Jesus. Father, I also ask that you don't make any of us bigger thief's if we are not good stewards over what you have already given us. If we are robbing you help us get to the place that we are no longer thrift's of what is yours. Father we want to be trusted to receive the 100% knowing that we get to keep the 90% and we will willingly and with great joy give you your 10% back and a good offering (Mal 3:8). Father please don't take the 90% from us, thank you for allowing us to get it right. Father I count and thank you for finances blessed, homes blessed, jobs blessed, husbands blessed, wives blessed, children blessed, health blessed. Father I pray that everything of those reading this prayer and receiving in their spirit will be blessed to be a blessing. In the matchless, Mighty Name of Jesus,
I thank you Amen, Amen, Amen