Celebration of Sisters

Here you will find things that women can do to celebrate each other and sisterhood. Maybe it's doing something special for a sister just out of love like:

- take a sister to lunch, just because you love her, order one dish and share it;
- make a special dinner for your girlfriends, invite your friends over for dinner;
- make up your own reason to get dressed up and go out to dinner; we all like getting dressed up and looking good, do it for yourself.
- take a road trip with a sister, even if it is just the next state or city over, spend the night and share room, stay up all night, like we use to when we were teens;
- read a book together, start your own book club;
- make a special gift basket for a sister to make her feel special;
- buy a just because I love you gift, let your sister know she is special
- take a walk together; start a walking or running group, help each other get fit and stay in shape;
- start a prayer or bible study group, where two or three are joined together in His name... He will bless;
- have a day of pampering and beauty; get your hair, nails, feet and make-up done;
- give back to the community by doing an outreach project together; clean a street, a school yard, a church, a shelter.
Please share with us your ideas so others can be encouraged!
If you have any photos or stories of celebrating sister love I would love to post it for others to be encouraged to do the same thing. Email me at dhagood@sesministries.org