Constitution and By-Laws:

Establishing a local Chapter of Sisters Encouraging Sisters (SES) Ministries Constitution and By-Laws:

Article I – Name Local chapters of Sisters Encouraging Sisters Ministries shall be known as _ (your local area name) Chapter of Sisters Encouraging Sisters Ministries.

Article II – Mission Statement As God directs, is to minister the Good News to encourage all women wherever God gives opportunity. To educate women in the areas of health, fitness, debt reduction, establishing home base business and hostingsmall socials.

Article III – Purpose
Section 1 - Bring women together to be encouraged and educated.
Section 2 – Encouragement To encourage with the Word of God, by sharing the Word of God and fostering an environment that encourageswomen to speak openly and to share.
Section 3 – Education To educate women in the areas of health and fitness, debt reduction, establishing home base businesses andhosting small socials.
Section 4 – Community Support To partner with local women shelters, Youth Detention Centers, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers or other local establishments that the vision of SES Ministries can be shared.
Section 5 - Network with local women owned and operated business. To establish a network with women owned business, to encourage support of business and encourage women in their endeavors.
Section 6 - To celebrated women through socials. To bring women together in a social environment to celebrate the unity and beauty of sisters and sisterhood.

Article IV – Members Chapters will be open to all women with no regard to race, creed, color, income level, spiritual level, oroccupation. If you desire to encourage women to better themselves and their communities we welcome you.

Article V – Stewards As a Chapter Steward of SES Ministries, you have made a covenant with God and with the founder of SES Ministries. You have been encouraged by God and it is in your heart to bring women together to encourage and educate them.
Section 1 – Primary
Section 2 - Assistant
Section – Treasure

Article VI - Meetings and Communication
Section 1 – Meetings The Chapter will meet bases on local area needs or desires but at least monthly. The purpose of the meeting will be to encourage through the word of God and to educate or do community activity.
Section 2 – Communication The Chapter will maintain a system of continuous communication, facilitated by electronic mail.

Article VII – Standards of Conduct
Section 1 – Organizations Conduct The chapter shall remain in accordance with the vision, mission, and objectives of Sisters Encouraging Sisters Ministries.
Section 2 – Stewards Conduct Stewards of Chapters of SES Ministries shall exhibit conduct that is pleasing to God in accordance with His Word and the mission He has given to Sisters Encouraging Sisters Ministries.

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